Raising funds for 3D printer

Recently we have added a new button “make a donation”. And the light goal is 100 thousand for 3D-printer. Everyone interested in it can invest some money for the project support.


Why so much money is needed?

92 thousand for 3D-printer MakerBot 2.
8 thousand for 10 kg of high-quality organic produced in Ukraine plastic.

Why exactly this printer is wanted?

It can be imagined that the most expensive printer was taken at random for this campaign. And that it is possible to buy a set for printer assemblage at the Chinese for 100 dollars. But things aren’t so simple. We have self-made Prusa printer. We have printed the major part of our developments in rather low quality with its help and it has literally burnt while working. Poor fellow just could not work all day round. Then we began ordering printing at specialized offices.
Arithmetic is easy:
Printing costs in average 7 UAH per gram of plastic.

Interactive toy for braille learning has 115 gram of plastic or 800 UAH.
Educator cube with braille letters has 30 gram of plastic or 210 UAH. The set contains 20 cubes, that is 4200 UAH.

We can print just 20 sets (toy + cubes) for 100 thousand.
Printing these details with our own 3D-printer will be available at the prime cost of plastic (electric power isn’t under attention now). That is about 500 UAH per that set. Yes, we have to add the cost of printer, but the more stuff is printed, the faster it is refunded.

Who needs this?

The target group of these developments is blind or partially sighted children aged from 2 to 6. According to unofficial statistics there are from 2.3 to 4.2 thousand them in Ukraine. At least one and a half thousand sets are needed to give each second child the possibility to read. And with the help of 3D-printer we can do that.

Why exactly 3D-printing?

We have considered different manufacturing variants from laser cutting (difficulties at assemblage, more painting layers) to plastic casting (high-cost form).
It was found out that 1000 items isn’t even a small series for a factory. The cost of toys becomes several times as high. A few people can afford this purchase and our main goal is to make development affordable.

Details accounts

1) card Privat 5168 7556 0450 6259 (the button below the text “Donate to a project” on http://braille-device.com/ site or by direct link.
2) WebMoney wallets:

When transferring money quote in a footnote name (optional), the purpose of the payment – a 3D printer, the desire to receive a promotional gift.

Invested finances

Smolyarov P. Y. 13.06.2016 1200 First investment
Anonymous 13.06.2016 5 Test from EArt card
Anonymous 13.06.2016 15 Test from EArt card
Artamonov E. B. 14.06.2016 1000
Braille-device laboratory 14.06.2016 500
Anonymous 15.06.2016 48
Smolyarov P. Y. 15.06.2016 2000
Anonymous 17.06.2016 196
Anonymous 19.06.2016 196
Anonymous 20.06.2016 98
Anonymous 20.06.2016 20 Test from EArt card
Каленчук Чезара Анатоліївна 06.07.2016 100
Anonymus 06.07.2016 11:56 194,50 5169 **** **** **68
Liqpay утримав 5,50 грн.
Семья Пустовых 06.07.2016 13:29 194,50 Liqpay утримав 5,50 грн.
Anonymus 07.07.2016 11:42 97,25 5169 **** **** **29
Liqpay утримав 2,75 грн.
Григорьев Игорь Юрьевич 08.07.2016 9:26 972,50 Liqpay утримав 27,50 грн.
Панфьоров Олександр Володимирович 09.07.16
4,86 Тестування системи – Liqpay утримав 0,14 грн. (2,75% від суми)
Юрченко Оксана Леонідівна 09.07.16
Anonymus 12.07.2016 11:56 194,50 5457 **** **** **60
Liqpay утримав 5,50 грн.
Буряк Павло 08.08.2016 100 берелок
Generally: 7336,11 UAH


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